Malaila is a ceremony in Zambia that is held to honour past chiefs, held in July by the Kunda people. This is currently celebrated by Chieftainess Nsefu, near Mfuwe in the Luangwa Valley. The event was designed to preserve the country’s cultural heritage.

This amazing ceremony brings together all the chiefs and people of the Mambwe district to celebrate the arrival of the Kunda people in the Eastern Province of Zambia and their settlement of the Mambwe area in the 19th century. Traditional dancing, songs, speeches and story-telling all combine to create an unforgettable traditional ceremony that is the highlight of the calendar for the Kunda community.

The Luangwa Safari Association (LSA) proudly sponsors the Malaila ceremony and donates the food for the event which is shared by the festival’s celebrants. In August 2015, MTN Zambia donated money towards the hosting of this year’s Malaila Traditional Ceremony of the Kunda people in Malambo district in Luangwa.



Malaila Ceremony
Profile added by Ano Shumba on 13 Jun 2016