Kingdom Dancers


The group started in 1997 at Power Centre church, Entebbe as a creative a gospel music dance group. Our career was mainly sparked off by dance performances on UTV, now UBC in 1999 and 2001 respectively. Founded by Julius Matovu (director), Mwebesa Richard a.k.a Ricky Dolph(P.R.O/Coordinator),Ben Babel kiwanuka and Mutyaba Joshua ( senior Dancers).The other members joined later.

Growing up in the town of Entebbe with a vision to make it big one day in the gospel music industry however in a town with few opportunities to show case up coming talent so much had to be done in order to survive as many groups came up and died out. Kingdom dancers stood firm because we lived as a family comprising of 10 members all from different walks of life and backgrounds.

Originally started as a creative dance group only doing contemporary dance mainly hip –hop and Latin dances. All was not easy in the beginning because creative dancing in a Christian community was not embraced as easily as it is today reasons being we did lots of radical dances due to the fast contemporary hip hop street like dances comprising of ground spins ,break dancing and scorpion moves.

These were looked at as non Christian and un holy but we stood our ground and made a revolution in creative dancing in church. We were later embraced because we appealed to a demographic of mainly the youth in a way that we were Christians and still had fun the right way.

As time went on we felt a need to get original by dancing to own music since we did dance to other musicians music. Richard had a background early enough before the inception of the group as he was a lead vocalist, songwriter in a group called the inspired Lyrics where he had learnt all basics of singing and writing music this was cultivated by Julius who was a good rapper way back in Namasagali College school and Mayors college. This was ground enough to do our own music. Nothing in life comes easy hard work patience are some of the virtues we stood and walked with to Reach this far.


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Kingdom Dancers
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