Johnstone Mukabi and the Omutibo Stars Band


Johnstone Mukabi and the Omutibo Stars Band is a music band from Nairobi, Kenya, led by singer Johnstone Mukabi.

Mukabi has built his musical career purely out of performing the music originally composed by his late father George Mukabi.

After his father's death in 1963, Mukabi went back to the studio and reproduced his father’s well-known songs, albeit in a modern style.

George Mukabi was a larger-than-life figure in the popular music of the Western Kenya region and the creator of the popular Omutibo genre alongside the late Jackton Malenya. Mukabi had a unique guitar-playing style which eventually influenced scores of musicians from the region.

Before his death, he had recorded numerous songs all of which gained massive popularity both in Eastern and Central Africa. Some of his biggest hits include ‘Mtoto si Nguo’, ‘Sengula’, ‘Kweli Ndugu’, ‘Ramlus Tunga’ and ‘Scooter Mwache’.


KENairobi, Kenya
In operation since: 
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