Born in Dar Es Salaam in 1972, Jhikoman is arguably the best known Tanzanian reggae artist. His lyrics in English and Kiswahili and unique singing style have been touching people since 1994. For Jhiko music presents an opportunity to raise awareness about social oppression and justice. It also provides a medium for communicating messages of peace, love and unity.

He has released several albums and performed widely in African and Europe. In 2005 he released his album named 'Chikondi'. It was followed in 2008 by 'Tupendane', then 'Yapo' (2009), 'Selina' (2010), 'Bongoraggamufiin' (2011) and 'Moyo Unadunda' (2012) with his Afrikabisa Band.

The journey continues for Jhiko Manyika to compose songs in a unique style without boundaries, a product of continued spiritual searching and musical experimentation. Apart from music he is a also a painter, cartoonist, sculptor and a farmer.

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