Jay Kroon


I'm a Dutch-born sound engineer, living in Greece, with more than 20 years of experience in both live- and studiowork around Europe.

I've worked in Holland, Germany, England, Scotland, Greece, Turkey and Ghana, and I co-owned a studio (on Rhodes, Greece) for a while.
In 2012 and 2013 I was Event Manager for RhodesRock, a classic rock festival.

Over the years I've developed a keen interest in digital video and in 2007 added videography to my services.

I know my way around on most audio- and videoequipment, and I've worked with a lot of audio- and videosoftware,including sequencers (Cubase, Logic, Samplitude, ProTools etc.),NLE's (Vegas, Premiere Pro), virtual instruments, editors etc.

I own various equipment for audio- and videorecording (hd-recorder, videocamera, microphones etc), and have a small home studio with keyboards, guitars and basses, percussion etc. and video-editing facilities

GRRhodes, Greece
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Jay Kroon

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