Jae Nuune


Jae Nuune, born Thato Montsho, is a vocalist- songwriter and an all round creative from Randfontein, South Africa.

She studied Graphic Design at CTI (Computer Technology Institute) partnered with Pearsons in Randburg. Nuune was drawn to music throughout her childhood and early teens, the young artist then decided to use her enthral vocal and writing skills to tap into singing and performing resulting in her first independent project named Twelve Nuune, released in 2014. Jae Nuune proceeded to work with various independent producers and artists around South Africa landing her first major appearance at the Music Imbizo in Durban.

Her soulful tones and animated backing vocals create a mood that pulls the people into the capturing scene of the musical story unfolding. Nuune was exposed to many different genres and artists growing up, this made her find and learn of ways to self-express using her voice and creativity. Nuune speaks of positive outlooks, love, enjoying moments and having gratitude to the process despite all odds. From Open Mic Poetry Sessions in and around the west, Jae Nuune utilized these platforms to harness her skill which allowed her to evolve as a singer. Also known as a cross – genre artist, the foundation of her work is Hip Hop and Soul with some RnB, Jazz, Old Skool flavours, Underground, Dub and Indie, making interesting fusions of sound which allows this energetic and lively artist as well as her audience, a platform to express and say things that are mostly felt but seldom said. Jae Nuune is also an accessories and unique statement piece designer. In 2014 she started her hand-crafting business named Evolv Works which specializes in beadwork and wool clothing. She has gradually been building a name for herself through music, art and accessories.

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