Izreal (real name Kangwa Kapamba) is a gospel musician from Zambia. He is a singer, songwriter, composer and performer who began his music career in 2002. In 2003, he released his debut album titled ‘So Lucky’. It featured hits like ‘So Lucky’, ‘Teti’, ‘Kunvele Nimvela’, ‘Walimbikila’, ‘Tikakumana’ and ‘Oxygen’. This was followed by the release of ‘Siku Yalelo’ (2005). The album has songs such as ‘Siku Yalelo’, ‘Tamwalale’, ‘Kuseni’, ‘It’s Alright’ featuring K’millian and Kupanga Mwana.

His third album ‘Nkungulume’ (2007) had hits such as ‘Nkungulume’, ‘Dat Girl Is Nice’ and ‘Mweleleko’. The ‘7 Days’ album followed in 2010 and had hits such as ‘Nga Ni Luv’, ‘Nganalikwebele’, ‘Ukutangila’ and ‘Nakana Sana’.

In January 2014, he and his wife Nalu announced that they are getting into full time gospel music almost a year after the former announced that he is born again. Before moving to gospel, he sang secular music.

In 2014, Israel (formerly called Exile) released his debut gospel album dubbed ‘From Exile to Israel’. The album featured his wife in some of the songs that were sampled at Bread of Life Church’s Blessings Centre.

He has written songs for almost all the leading Zambian artists such as Nalu, J.K., Black Muntu, Joe Chibangu, Shatel, CQ, Brayan, Macky 2, Ruff Kid, Afunika, and the late Lily T just to mention a few.

ZMLusaka, Zambia


Kangwa Kapamba
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