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The Izithethe Art Institute is an independent, community-based institute that is a special project aimed at developing the scarce skills in the Arts and Culture sector. The abundance of the untapped arts culture talent in our communities has necessitated the establishment of a special school with special focus on the creative industries such as art, music, craft, dance, etc.

In the spirit of the Cultural Renaissance in Africa, the institute envisages this development project to be a catalyst in inspiring people, especially the youth, in order to focus their energies towards the betterment of their lives through a sustainable socio-economic development process. The cultural industries offer rare opportunities for people to become entrepreneurs, producers, experts and professionals.

The Art Institute was established in July 2006 by Faith Magagula, who realized the abundance of untapped talent in the community amongst the youth after hosting the Miss Culture project for the previous four years and felt obliged to establish this project to empower the youth with skills in the performing art sector. This initiative is the first school of its kind in the multicultural Mpumalanga province and strives to produce job creators and stimulate economic growth in the region.

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Faith Magagula
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