Ithrene is a band from the eastern Algeria. The group was created by four brothers; Rabah, Yazid, Hichem and Mohsen Ferrah, together with friends Aziz Rabia, Zven and Ramzi Khelifi.

Their music is electric in every sense, with sufficient charisma and energy to rock all kinds of audiences. Their lyrics are mostly in Amazigh language.

Ithrene have toured regularly across Algeria and France, with one of their most outstanding performances to date at the Institute of the Arab World in Paris. They have released four albums, Imazighen, New Tindi, El Mahfel and El Fouchi.


Groupe Ithrene Extrait live a Timgad
Ithrene El Mahfel Album El Mahfel 2017
Ithrene live au Dimajazz 2018
Mohsen Ferrah Feat Samar Ben Amara Partage
Mohsen Ferrah isn't she lovely
Mohsen Ferrah Héritage 2018
Groupe Ithrene El Fouchi video clip 2018
Ithrene et l'originalité du son Chaoui sur Ennahar TV.
فرقة اثران اظلي Groupe Ithrene Idhali album 2017
فرقة اثران اشن groupe Ithrene Ouchen Album 2017
Mohsen Ferrah Bossa Home
فرقة اثران -اشا بويا Groupe Ithrene Achabouya Album 2017
Ithrene l'originalité de son
Ithrene Promo Album 2017 Bonjour D'algerie
Smail Ferrah Feat Mohsen Oulinough
Mohsen Ferrah Chahlet Laaiani
Trio live a Tiaret Mohsen Ferrah Aoudia Nabil Midou Hammidou
Mohsen Ferrah et Smail Ferrah chante Markunda
"Everything happends" my new brand composition (sample)
avec mes chers amis
Mohsen Ferrah Paris 2015
Karim Albert Kook feat Mohsen Ferrah Paris 2015
Imrpvisation Mouhssene Ferrah et Brahim Medjbar
Ithrene Dorth Fellam live dans l'emission C Son Show
Ithrene Dorth Fellam dans C Son Show
Ithrene "El Mahfel" dans l'emission C Son Show
Mouhssene Ferrah avec Hamid Baroudi dans C Son Show
Mohsen Ferrah avec Hamid Baroudi dans C Son Show
Mouhssene Ferrah Winter song
Mohsen Ferrah Ntouma ya Ibad
Mouhssene lahmam Extrait
playing with my self
Mouhssene Ferrah - Hougar
Mouhssene ferrah impro
test de son
le meilleur Batteur en Algérie khali aboud
Ithrene live au festival de la musique actuelle Guelma 2013
Ithrene athrere Loures live sur TV A3
Ithrene Lgued Yehla Live sur TV A3
Ithrene Soussem live sur A3
Ithrene Thamourthanagh live sur A3
Ithrene Dorth Fellam live sur la A3
ithrene live Blues sur la A3
Ithrene sur Nessma TV extrait live 2013
Mohsen Ferrah avec Safy Boutella dans C Son Show compléte
Ithrene dans pourvu que ça dure
Ithrene dans pourvu que ça dure
Mouhssene Ferrah avec Safy Boutella dans C Son Show Interview
Mouhssene Ferrah avec Safy Boutella dans C Son Show
al di meola a constantine algerie
playing the jackson five with a guitar loop
playing with a loop
testing the new guitar
Ithrene extrait live à Tamenrasset
Ithrene live
Ithrene Lgued Yehla Version Gassba
Mohsen Ferrah Hommage a Zoulikha
Cours de Musique Leçon 01 pour débutant
fusion improvisation
Mohsen talking with the bass
SAM 3399
Ithrene Blues live
Hichem plays Bass Guitar Grooving
Ithrene thamourth negh Lyrics
Ithrene soussem
Ithrene extrait live a paris
Ithrene Paris Live
ithrene live a paris
Fete de la Guitare Alger 2012
Duel Guitare Gassba , atmosphère Chaoui
gasba Guitare
Groupe Axel Premier pRix National de la musique moderne Oran 2004
Ithrene Salat Nouvel album 2011
Ithrene Festival Bledstock 2002 en Direct de la Chaine 3
en Direct de La Chaine 3 Groupe Ithrene live au festival Bledstock 2002 Dorth Fellam Part 02
en Direct de la Chaine 3 Groupe ithrene Live Bledstock 2002 part 01
ithrene Live a Alger 2002 "Trig Lkhil"
comment Jouer Bechtola
Ithrene Blues Live Extrait
Ithrene Nostalgie Instrumental Nouvel Album
Ithrene la Pure Fusion Chaoui
Ithrene New Tindi Instrumental
ithrene salat
Mohsen Ferrah Play Littel Wing
Mohsen Ferrah All Of Me
Mohamed Bordj 12 ans a la Guitare
Smail Ferrah Live
smail ferrah
smail ferrah a la chaine 4
Smail Ferrah
for jaco
New Tindi repets
Ithrene lah Yemma Acoustique
Mohsen Ferrah Suffering
mohsen ferrah between lines Extrait
Ithrene interview a L'emission Ahalil
Ithrene a L'emission Ahalil Live
Ithrene a L'emission Ahalil Lgued Yehla Live
Mohsen Ferrah The Wind Of Sahara
Hichem Ferrah winer the king of Blues USA 2010
Mohsen Ferrah Fusion
Ithrene aissa djermouni
Mohsen Ferrah Naturel
Mohsen Play Ya Rayeh Hommage a Dahmen Harrachi
mohsen Play For Jaco Bass and Guitar Impro
Mohsen Ferrah Naturel
Mohsen Ferrah Oran Sky Extrait
Mohsen Impro desert sky Fusion
Mohsen Ferrah guitare gipsy
Mohsen Ferrah Go Out Extrait
Mohsen Ferrah Play Red House Hendrix
Mohsen Ferrah Play Goumari
Garry Moore Parisienne Walk Ways Impro By Mohsen Ferrah
Ithrene Live a Annaba Festival 2002
Groupe Ithrene Live a annaba Festival 2002 Hey Joe Jimi Hendrix
Groupe Axel Joe Satriani Echo Live a Boughi
Pink Floyd - Coming Back to Life cover By Axel
Aissa Djermouni Call Me and You
Ya Rayeh Impro By Mohsen
play some Al Di Meola Mohsen
Ithrene Live festival
Gypsy guitar Mohsen Ferrah
Vicente Amigo Played By Mohsen Ferrah
Ithrene Live
Rock'on in Boughi Mohsen avec Axel
Ithrene Essalat live a Bejaia
Mohsen with axel band play Maria Santana cover 2003
Mohsen with the Band Axel money for nothing 2003
Mohsen with the band Axel Beat it Michael jackson 2003
Mohsen Ferrah Beautiful and Sad
Hichem Ferrah The King Of Blues live at Guitar centre USA
Smail Ferrah Isserahin Live
mohsen solo 2009
Ithrene extrait d'album 2001
Ithrene live a Bouji
Ithrene New Tindi Live Bejaia
Solo Bass New Tindi Ithrene Live
Ithrene Live Lgued Yehla
New Tindi Live Ithrene 2009
la Guitar Chante Ithrene Live New Tindi
Ithrene Lgued Yahla Live
Ithrene New Tindi Nouvel Album
Ithrene New Tindi
Ithrene a Bonjour d'algerie fin
Ithrene -interview 03- TV
Ithrene -interview 02- TV
Ithrene -interview 01- TV
Mohsen Ferrah Breathing
Etienne Mbappe - Su La Take - algeria
mohsen Algo rythem
mohsen groove bass
john petrucci Mohsen ferrah
Far Beyond The Sun - Yngwie Malmsteen by MOHSEN FERRAH
Joe Satriani - Surfing with the Alien by mohsen
mohsen ferrah peace-n-love
Joe Satriani - Always With Me, Always With You
malmsteen algeria "mohsen"
mohsen ferrah live ijn rock annaba 2003 "algeria"
mohsen ferrah en concert rock annaba 2003
concerto by mohsen "axel 2003"
nguyen le , Etienne M'Bappé,jazz a constantine, algeria,
improvisation mohsen ferrah
shredding guitarist
DZAin Defla, Algeria
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