I'CORRIE (born EM Correia) is a Malawian Afro-beat and reggae artist based in South Africa.

I'CORRIE was born to a Malawian mother and a Portuguese father. He is also a composer, arranger and producer. Undoubtably Africa’s rising star, I'CORRIE’s music is a fusion of emotional vocals, highlife, Jazz, soul, funk, reggae and various African sounds.

He grew up listening to different types of music. I'CORRIE began honing his skills by composing poems and spoken-word in school at the age of nine. Since then, I'CORRIE started performing at the St. Michael Parish Church choir. He later moved to Johannesburg, South Africa to pursue his education and music career.

While in Johannesburg, I'CORRIE started developing his music skills by playing the traditional djembe, guitar and percussions. He also performed at various venues across the country and created many contacts with respected individuals in the creative industry. I'CORRIE’s unique style has earned him a household name in places he has performed.

As of April 23, 2020, I'CORRIE's released his debut album titled ‘I Love My Africa’. 18th March 2023 his single Dance to the Music_ (Bluearts Riddim) -On all major music platforms. The Album is a Chronicle of his greatest strengths to promote environmental awareness and connecting with considerable crowd,in creating works that call the participation of diverse audience to the same belief to be the case as his involvement in it.


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