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Heylil Pibza (born Heylil Pibza) is an artist from South Africa who began his career early pushing boundaries and crafting he's first Single 'OverHere' in 2014.

Since then he has gone to release more than eight singles over the years and EP Waitin Thru The Pain (2021), his popular single 'Monday' was a successful hit in 35 Countries ringing in his Engaging Fans for the most promising artist. Pibza is no doubt a budding revolutionist. He's main is HipHop/Rap with an infusion of Trap and AfroSoul inspired by American & African Sounds of pecussions and Bongo Drums. Pibza vocals details of innocence and authenticity without harshness.

Other artist's true to their stories and imperfections influence he's style and one of the most prominent. Taking a different direction, choosing to lean into a vaster of sound and style, to bring a wider show of emotions and topics. He is passionate about social issues therevy, working with various artist's and influencers in educating young africans on issue's like protecting the environment and gender culture. He is working on his debut Mixtape Listen coming out before the end of 2022.


ZAJohannesburg, South Africa
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Heylil Pibza

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