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Helen Ibe is a young Nigerian singer-songwriter, guitarist and YouTube personality. She is known for posting guitar tutorials for learners on her YouTube channel. She was interviewed by Mary Spender, Channels TV, Streetwise Guitar and Radio.com.

She is the first of three siblings born to middle-class Christian parents, and brought up by a single parent, raised in sprawling city of Lagos, Helen didn’t share the usual ambitions of kids her age, She has always dreamt of being a singer and a great entertainment mogul who would use her works to touch people’s lives.

She is known for posting guitar tutorials for learners on her YouTube channel which as at December, 2020 has over 143 000 Subscribers and a total of 11 800 673 views and over 41 200 followers on her Instagram page.


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JOROMI- simi(loop cover) by Helen Ibe
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