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Gorilla Films is a full-service film production company specializing in the music video industry. The company offers full high-definition “vista-vision” sized digital formats as standard. To put things simply – they offer the best bang for buck on time, every time. The name Gorilla originates from the term “Guerilla-filmmaking”, where innovative techniques are used to produce high-end results with few resources.

Gorilla Films is owned by Justin Campos, who started his business in 1998 with brother Nicky Campos from a little townhouse in Sunninghill. Gorilla Films has since become South Africa's premium music video service company, known for its fresh, high-quality videos and being technologically ahead of the game. The Campos brothers are a known force in the entertainment sector. Nicky Campos has since left Gorilla Films to follow his passion and begin a new journey. In a competitive market where everyone is trying to make the next best video, Gorilla Films has been a consistent and powerful force in the industry from year to year and has now surpassed a full decade of success.

Their biggest achievement so far is not the multiple awards they have won, it’s that every single client they have worked with is a satisfied client. This is what they thrive on. No matter who the flavour of the month is, Gorilla Films will endeavor to surpass all expectations.

ZAJohannesburg, South Africa
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