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Gody b is a musician and songwriter from Bamenda, Cameroonians age of 18 living in a village call Bangolan under babessi subdivision , (he obtained his advance level in lycée classique d'Edea. Am actually in love with Mubaine Christabelle and is planing to get her for marriage. ( am with my parents my father's name is James Ndifonpkwah and my mom's is Claudette Nganyui and my own name is Godlove Nghonyuibe . am the only boy among my juniors ones ,that is we are five of us in my parents house four girls and am the elder one ,yes my father is also a musician (orchestral) and my mum is a housewife Let's talk of my childhood: I was a stubborn boy and like fighting especially with my junior Sister and also with my mates there are many things about me but this is just the summari of me.


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Godlove Nghonyuibe

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