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The Ghanaian musical legacy of the 1940s to the 1960s is located in the audio archive of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation. More than 60,000 shellac and acetate records have been digitized saved for posterity. The project was financed by the German Foreign Office with funds from the cultural preservation program.

The archive has about 60,000 records and since 2008 about 10,000 songs mainly from the period 1940-1965 from various parts of Africa have been recorded, documented and digitized. In addition, inventories on vinyl records were created and acetate records from the time of the Ghana Broadcasting System (1950) were edited and saved. LPs with popular music from Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Congo, Cameroon and other countries for the broadcasting operation were digitized and edited. Furthermore, tapes with music from different regions of Ghana and older radio reports were digitized and thus made accessible again.

270 CDs were re-released, mainly of shellac records with a total running time of approximately 350 hours. For each CD, the artist, title and length of each recording was documented in a "recording sheet". Instructional CDs were bestowed to representatives of various universities and institutions with music recordings of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation gramophone and radio libraries of the 1947-1962.

In February 2010, a one-hour weekly radio show on the Uniiq FM radio 95.7 was launched part of the project. The program is called 'Gram Time' - Music Brought Back To You From the GBC's Gramophone Library. Thus, thousands of music tracks GBC Collection – a significant part of the cultural and musical heritage, was made accessible to the general public.

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Ghana Broadcasting Corporation
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