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Fredrick Albert Komba holds a bachelor degree in Music from Tumaini Makumira University based in Arusha, Tanzania, He is an Afro-Musician integrating the music of tribes in Tanzania into a modern version, as well as Hip-Hop and RnB. In 2019, Fredrick Co-Founded Mob 27, a music production company. So far he has produced an audio album of an upcoming gospel artist from Arusha and several independent artists, in 2019 he released his first Long playlist (LP) named King Tai, followed by Extended Playlist ( EP) named “For your ears only”, then followed by Mixtape called Bongxtape which was released in early 2020, He also writes and co-writes songs. Frederick has a vision of bridging the gap between Tanzanian traditional Musicians and the corporate world through establishing the first Tanzania traditional hub. He is currently working on creating a mobile application which will allow people to listen to Tanzanian traditional music and learn about their heritage.


TZDar es Salaam, Tanzania
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Fredrick Komba

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