Evergreen Dance Band


Evergreen dance band is a Ghanaian highlife music group based in Accra. It was established in 2014 to preserve, develop and promote dance band music through performance. The band has a team of dedicated members who have availed themselves to be selflessly used to effectively contribute to the promotion of Ghanaian cultural heritage. The Evergreen Dance Band remains committed to keeping highlife music ablaze and to always provide its cherished dance fans with the highlife tunes. For those who have the interest to learn about, enjoy and play highlife, the band provides the necessary materials for teaching as well. Most of our members are music teachers who teach music theory and music practicals in our second cycle schools, tertiary institutions and privately in homes in addition to our LIVE performances. The band has excelled in its performances to the extent that, it performs at official functions. These functions sometimes involve foreign dignitaries in our country as we showcase our cultural heritage. We also play at private parties and entertainment joints as we project our tradition of Ghanaian highlife music to the world. It is a youthful Band which has continued to keep alive pure Ghanaian highlife music in our contemporary era. Its objective to inspire the youth to focus on authentic music and to equip them to use their God-given talents constructively and to generate income has not waned. The Leader of the band PETER MARFO is a Senior Officer at the Eastern Regional Centre for National Culture.


GHAccra, Ghana
In operation since: 


+233 (0) 244 588 337
+233 (0) 244588337
Peter Marfo
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