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Ugandan born, Essence Kasozi is a natural entertainer with a strong theatre background. She first got into the entertainment business as an actress on the Ugandan scene. She performed with the Kayaayu Film Players, which was one of the leading theatre groups in Uganda in the 80s. She also periodically appeared in several Ugandan TV soaps by the Ebonies group. These included Uganda's then leading soap 'That's Life Mwattu' in which she played the memorable character of 'Anita'.

She Later ventured into music with the release of her debut album 'Obukodo' (this album is presently deleted but is soon to be reissued by Madhead Kitchen). In 2001 she followed it up with album Ekiseera mu Biseera which blends pop styles with East African beats. The album was well received at Global Fusion World Music where it was showcased in autumn 2001. It has been the top seller in the East African section of CD baby for over 6 months and number 3 in the Afropop top 10.

Sexy, talented, intelligent and inspiring, she is more than a triple threat in the Ugandan entertainment scene. Actress, singer, song writer, writer, producer, performer, entrepreneur, she is definitely a woman who knows what she wants. Ugandan born, Essence Kasozi is a multi-talented entertainer excelling in the variegated fields of theatre, television and music.

Born and raised in Uganda, Essence Kasozi has been an entertainer since she was a child, her interest inspired by some of her older siblings who were already in the entertainment business. Her career began in theatre as part of one of the leading theatre groups in Uganda (Kayaayu). She appeared in various plays by the group in the 1980s before leaving them and moving to England.

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Essence Kasozi
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