DJ Tumza


DJ Tumza is one of the popular DJs in South Africa. Some of his projects include mixing of the ‘Afro Fashion Lounge VOL.2’, an album which featured the popular hit tracks ‘Summer Breeze’ and the ‘Quantised Mix 5’. Tumza burst onto the music scene way back in 1995 while studying at Wits University.

He became a resident spinner at the Afro Fashion Lounge with DJ Tira in 2009. He went on to release his first compilation titled ‘Afro Fashion Lounge Vol 1’ with DJ Tira and Ntukza as a way of marketing the club. His second compilation, which he produced alone, was titled ‘Afro Fashion Lounge Vol 2’ and featured the hit song ‘Summer Breeze’ by Ndinga Gaba. He also participated twice at the World Music Conference in Miami where he got the opportunity to play alongside some of the world’s biggest artists in the music industry.

He has played alongside local spinners Cash, Chuidy, Quanaty, Peanaro, Sparks, Las J and Deep Motion.

SZManzini, Swaziland


DJ Tumza
Profile added by Ano Shumba on 04 Apr 2016