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DJ Mandisa (born Mandisa Ntsuntsha) is a self taught female house DJ and producer, who is originally from Estcourt now based in Durban, South Africa.

She started developing passion for music back in 2011 at the age of 11, where she was inspired by a musical show called¨BASSMENT¨ from channel O. In 2014 she started opening up to people about her passion but feared that she would be judged about it. It fascinated her that one person was able to play two or more songs at the same time and with the same pace so she started researching more about being a DJ, took online tutorials and read a lot about mixing and mastering. It took her three years for her to be able to produce a whole beat by herself . In 2016 she played a set at her school and most people were shocked because they thought it was unlike her as she seemed as a person who is too focused and serious about life because she was a quiet student and an introvert more as the type that would be labelled as boring. Her music is mostly influenced by Culoe de song as she looks up to him and wants to be like him.

In 2017 she finally released her first track titled eye for an eye on Soundcloud . She looks up to Culoe de song, Da Capo, Chymamusique, Black Coffee and Vinny da Vinci, her passion drove her to keep on trying. ¨I´d like to be that person who will inspire other people to believe in themselves and if you have a dream but you don´t know how and where to begin, it begins by you telling yourself that I got this and I know I can do it¨.

She is a fan of art and spends most of her time by herself which gives her chances to think about her future and how to pursue her dreams as she believes that time spent with music is never a waste and she believes that talent, skill, hard work and passion results in great prosperity.

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