Producer, Dj ,entertainer , Deep'ink is a South African artist born and bred in the cultural heartland of South Africa's(Mzansi's) play ground DBN(KZN) when not performing "Djying" he spends his time at studio creating his very own music. Having spent many years playing at all the major local night clubs (Alongside the local hard hitters and national acts alike) . Deejaying at special events and promoting his music. Deep'ink has had a lot of time developing his sound, for him it's all about the mood and a deep hypnotic groove. DON'T BE SUPRISED TO FIND YOURSELF JAMING TO THE SENSUAL SOUND OF DEEP'INK.


ZADurban, South Africa
In operation since: 


+27 62 094 5224
+27 62 094 5224
Leen Smith

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