Bole Advertising Enterprise


Bole Advertising Enterprise is a small, effective and efficient printing and advertising firm. You can easily get the right person for the right job. Its just like dropping in at your friend's house. Besides, the customers, if he/she wishes, can be present during the whole advertisement studio process. From creating and preparation, directing to designing and editing, printing, mixing, expressing his/her suggestion freely.

Their employees/technicians are simple 'tools' to fulfill the desire of the customer skillfully. They strongly believe that their biggest investment is customer satisfaction.

Bole Advertising Enterprise PLC was established in 2001 G.C to render high quality and technologically advanced printing advertising services. They have state-of-the-art printing machines including well qualified operators, graphics designers, and designing engineers. They have about 26 skilled and experienced employees.

ETAddis Ababa, Ethiopia
In operation since: 


The Reception
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