B-Global Indigenous Hip hop Festival


The B-Global Indigenous Hip Hop Gathering is a Six day educational celebration which will commemorate a decade of Hip Hop in Uganda. The B-Global Gathering is designed to celebrate, preserve and archive the history of Hip Hop as a contributing platform to the awakening of strength in the youth voice of Uganda.

The B-Global vision is to empower and educate the youth to lay foundations upon which their communities can grow, build and be transformed, through engagement and practice of the Hip Hop culture.

The Bavubuka Foundation and The Uganda Hip Hop Foundation, recognize the power of Hip-Hop music and culture as a catalyst of positive social change. Hip-Hop is the contemporary youth’s cultural foundation, and symbolizes the ability of people, living in marginalized communities, to flourish and live their dreams. Their vision is to create peace building platforms which empower and unify young people from diverse communities. In doing so amplifying and creating a powerful awakening of the youth VOICE in Uganda.

The Hip Hop Summit, now The B-Global Hip Hop Gathering, has been an on-going event for the last nine years making it the longest running Hip Hop gathering in Uganda. The main aim of the Gathering is to promote the transformative values of Hip Hop culture in Uganda through the education and empowerment of the youth. They reconnect them to their voice of community peace building and positive awareness through music, art, tradition and culture. The B-Global Hip Hop Gathering targets the youth crowd, students aged 10 - 30 years old. It features live performances by top local Ugandan artists and International guest performers from the Global Hip Hop Community.

The B-Global Hip Hop Gathering is not just about The Concert. The event which is usually one day is now a six day long event. The idea behind this is to impart knowledge spanning the five central elements of Hip Hop. This includes Workshops carried out by Ugandan Hip Hop icons, DJ Scratching demonstrations, B- Boy dance battles, a Graffiti display, Motivation speakers and a Hip Hop Fashion Show.


UGKampala, Uganda


The Organizers
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