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In the last 10-years Aziza Ongala has been working closely and passionately with artists, creatives, cultural practitioners, local governments, and non-governmental organisations, not only in Tanzania and East Africa, but the wider Sub-Saharan Africa region and Europe. Establishing and building networks, platforms and safe spaces for talented African artists and creatives to express, create, exchange, and tell their own stories.
Her work in the Tanzanian creative industry formally started in 2011, as tribute to her late father “Remmy Ongala'' an established world-renowned African musician, who passed away in 2010. Now the proud founder of the emerging Ongala Music Festival (2018, 2019, 2020 & 2022). Aziza is passionate about managing, programming, developing, and representing artists, especially those dedicated to showcasing traditional African beats, rhythm, and fusion. Working at a grassroots level to develop performing artists who have a strong connection to culture and heritage.
Dedicated to promoting and sharing knowledge and information on Copyright and Intellectual Property for creative rightsholders. Aziza actively seeks to target artists that are willing to break from mainstream expectations and limits, by tapping into deep sources of heritage and experimenting with new forms of expression. Aziza is proud to be part of the East African community of cultural activists, amplifying brave artistic voices who speak for vulnerable and excluded groups.

TZDar es Salaam, Tanzania
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