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AMPS (African Music Promotion Society) was launched in November 2017 to amplify the African voice, focusing on the music, arts, and entertainment sectors in Africa and worldwide. AMPS is building a network of artists, music entrepreneurs, and allies uniting to promote our artistic creations to the world through technology, live showcases, collaboration, and information-sharing beyond borders. AMPS has representatives in several African countries and more than a thousand artists and industry professionals within our network from over 40 African countries. We invite you to join us here!

Bio – Mac M. Traore

Mac M. Traore is a founder of the African Music Promotion Society (AMPS), a new, independent, Africa-focused label whose mission is to amplify the African voice through network-building among the music sector’s stakeholders, artist management, booking, digital distribution, and events promotion. Among other activities, he was a board member, executive producer, and music event and programming manager of performing arts for the Artomatic arts and music festival based in Washington, DC. This periodic event attracts more than 50,000 attendees. He served on the board of directors of the organization for two terms (6 years). As part of Mr. Traore's ongoing interest in community action to solve problems, over the years he has spearheaded fundraisers to help survivors of disasters in America and around the world. He conceived and produced benefit events for survivors of the tsunami of 2005, Hurricane Katrina, HIV/AIDS, and the Virginia Tech massacre. Other fundraisers Mr. Traore has produced benefited organizations such as Save the Children, CARE, Habitat for Humanity, AmeriCares, the Whitman-Walker Clinic, and others. He is now focused on projects in Africa and the diaspora, and on collaboration in the music industry globally. A passionate fan of high-energy sports and an avid marathon runner, he recently spearheaded United Xtreme league (UXL), the premier African extreme sports league that brings his two passions for music and sports a little closer together.

AMPS is a project of konexion USA.


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