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The African Music Promotion Society (AMPS), a project of konexion USA, is a network of independent artists and entrepreneurs dedicated to amplifying the African voice across the continent and globally. As part of our commitment to community activism, we pledge to support environmental and other causes we believe in.
With tens of thousands of tracks uploaded to streaming platforms weekly, it has become a challenge for audiences to discover music and for independent artists to connect to new audiences. The mission of AMPS is to connect artists and audiences beyond borders. Here, we believe artists are people, not products.
Send us links of your new music videos for consideration to include in the best and most diversified curated African music playlist on YouTube (ampsafrica).


Mac Traore is an American music entrepreneur and promoter from Africa. He is a co-founder of the African Music Promotion Society (AMPS), a project of konexion USA.
Among other professional activities, he served as a board member, Executive Producer, and Music Event & Programming Manager of performing arts for Artomatic, one of the largest independent arts organizations in the United States.
He has conceived and produced fundraiser events that benefited organizations such as Save the Children, CARE, Habitat for Humanity, AmeriCares, and the Whitman-Walker Clinic, and that helped survivors of the Indian Ocean tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, HIV/AIDS, and the Virginia Tech massacre.
A passionate fan of high-energy sports and an avid marathon runner, he is developing United Xtreme League (UXL), the premier African extreme sports league that brings his two passions for music and sports a little closer together.


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