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This is Africa (TIA) is a leading forum for African opinion, arts and music. TIA is available through the website, mobile phone apps and online radio channels. It aims to bring the hottest music and the most notable fashion, film, photography and art coming out of urban Africa today into the lives of pop culture fans all over the world; to bind a new generation of global music and culture fans to Africa and Africans, to show that what we have in common far outnumbers our differences; and to refresh the world's view of Africa, correct misperceptions and shatter old stereotypes, by showing that what gives urban Africa its funk and vibe today is far removed from the tired and narrow clichés of safaris, traditional drums, corruption, poverty, war and disease.

This Is Africa is a label of the Ghetto Radio Foundation, a Pan-African initiative that supports and develops radio broadcasting across the continent by setting up FM radio stations in marginalised areas of urban Africa for the purpose of giving the 'voiceless' the means to make their voices heard.


ZACape Town, South Africa


Nancy Onyango
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