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Fortune is a business newspaper, published and distributed by Independent News & Media Plc, that appears in English every week. It is a news paper of quality, responsibility and standard. It is a business weekly published by a media company dedicated to promote the development of the private sector in Ethiopia and its economic integration to the regional economies, in light of the apparent threat and expansion of globalization.

Fortune promotes partnership among Ethiopians and between local and foreign firms. It is a newspaper with a noted record of introducing new business opportunities in addition to its role of articulating the challenges hindering the growth of the private sector.

As a reader, you are to get useful business news in Fortune than any other publication can offer you. More comprehensive analysis and interpretations than any other media can present to you. In fact, these are some of the qualities of Fortune that has made it the largest circulating paper in its category, surpassing all others in the competition by an average of 60%.

Fortune has been in circulation for the past eleven years with a purpose to inform you better, enlighten you more and provide you with access to the amazing world of business information. It is a newspaper with the realization of the challenges ahead: the impact and threats in business, the lack of information the community suffers from and the need to create awareness on where the rest of the world is today.

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Addis Fortune
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