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Formed in 2010, as a joint venture between John Fishlock and Kosie van Niekerk of Select Music, Active Music Publishing emerged from the need and opportunities that still lie on the music industry for a creative, pro-active and music oriented publisher - a publisher who is prepared to work closely with composers, artists, labels, producers, to facilitate the creation of new songs and exploit existing copyrights in all areas where music is used.

Whether it is a movie needing placements, a TV commercial requesting creative ideas or a new composition, an artist looking for songs for his or her next album or a producer looking for tracks for upcoming projects, there is a need for a publisher to be out there, ensuring that his or her composer is offered the opportunity to pitch or write for the project. Active Music Publishing realise this and are prepared to get their hands dirty to truly represent the composers it has signed, acquired and looks after.

Their core business is the notification of works, claiming of ownership/representation, protection of rights and processing of income, all on behalf of the composer and/or catalogue.

ZACape Town, South Africa
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John Fishlock
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