The Abuja Choral Ensemble is a world class chorale of the finest and brilliant singers, instrumentalists and virtuosi. Founded in April, 2003 and modeled after the University of Ibadan Students Choral Ensemble, it exists to promote excellence in choral music through participation, education, and appreciation for the highest levels of performance of significant choral literature; through the training and encouragement of choral musicians. It was recently rated by www.choralhub.com as among the top 10 best choral groups in Nigeria.

It consists of youths and credible persons of different professions and orientations talented in voice, composition and conducting, most of whom are professionals in their respective fields, bound by the love of music and the pleasure of singing together in love, harmony, camaraderie and joie de vivre. It prides itself on a very robust repertoire ranging from classical to contemporary, sacred to secular, and native to foreign pieces.

In furtherance of its mission the Abuja Choral Ensemble has over the years perfected the art of providing melodious entertainment at state functions and to eclectic audiences, and have been commissioned to stage several concerts & performances in the past, e.g:
i) OPEC at 50 Choral Concert (Our Magnum Opus)
ii) Nelson Mandela’s Memorial and Tribute
Iii) Nigeria's 2011 Presidential Inauguration Banquet
iv) Nigeria’s 50th Anniversary celebrations
v) 44th and 45th Independence Anniversary of Botswana
vi) Reception/Gala night in honour of the visiting OPEC Secretary-General.
vii) Annual Christmas Concerts at Sheraton Hotel, Abuja.
viii) Switzerland’s 726th National Da,
ix) 2017 Swedish National Day celebration
x) Luciano Pavarotti Memorial concert
xi) Memorial in honour of Kofi Annan, former Secretary General of the United Nations
xii)E.U, UNODOC & NAPTIP launching of the “I AM PRICELESS” Campaign against human trafficking
xiii) Represented Nigeria at the 7th World Choir Games in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA (2012), etc

NGAbuja, Nigeria
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