Yobe Nenge


*A Malawian music Artist Based in Cape Town RSA . Real name "YOHANE ENOCK CHIMBERENGA", born in 1987 at sandama matekenya village in Thyolo MW Africa*He grew up with his grandparents Mr and mrs "KAOMBE" at Luchenza trading centre*

*He was inspired by lucias banda and saun paul @ his tender age, Nengenenge Yobe , he attended luchenza primary and secondary school from 1992 to 2004*

*In 1999 following the advice of Lucius *banda whom he met through T-man he started compose his own songs In 2002 he started local band group at Luchenza secondary school where he was performing his music later he join Witaz dancehall crew From 2006 to 2012 he worked with Malawian producer,Notoprigo at Golden studio,pastor Grey samalani at shower stidio*

*In 2008 he went to South Africa to work and he continued to make more demos he worked more demos with Alan at Tamzto studio from Congo in Durban*

*2010 he went back home and record album called 'Nengenenge " produced by felix mpinga With help from Dj jj from capital fm Yobe found his way to music industry Nengenenge Yobe Returned to South Africa where he continued work hard and saved money to keep going with his music*

*In 2017 -2019 he recorded he demos at Durban Bars studio in Durban feat South African artists "Fey" in selina and Follow your heart. feat Muc -crew .2019 Nengenenge moved to Johannesburg to continue work and push his music and he move to cape town 2020 where he is recording more music*

he realise his fisrt single Tittled MADA

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