Thank you for participating in the Revenue Streams for African Musicians research project. This survey is only open to music creators who are based in South Africa, or who are currently abroad but remain active in the South African music industry. A 'music creator' is anyone who creates or performs music, e.g. as a solo artist, session artist, a member of a band, group or ensemble, a DJ, producer, composer or songwriter. 

This survey looks at musicians' income trends over the past 24 months, including earnings prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Only participants aged 18 and older can participate. 
By clicking the "get started" button (starting the survey) you acknowledge having read and being in agreement with our ethical disclaimer here.  

Note: We also have field researchers across the country. If you would rather have us visit/call you and assist you in completing the survey, please let us know here.

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