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Rebecca Malope is a popular gospel singer born in 1968 in Lekazi near Nelspruit, Mpumalanga. In 1986, Rebecca, barely 18 years old, and her sister Cynthia left home, hitch-hiking over 400 km to Johannesburg. She soon emerged as a popular bubblegum singer on albums like Ma G Men (1986) and Saturday Night (1990) before changing to gospel and never looking back.

In her career of almost three decades, Rebecca has released well over 30 albums. Some of her most recent albums include titled My Hero (2009), Uzohamba Nami (2010) Ukuthula (meaning peace) (2011) and Bayos’khomba (2013). A legend of South African music, she has earned countless awards, including a KORA All African Music Award for Best Gospel Singer in 2003. That year she also received an honorary doctorate from the University of Natal for her contribution to music. She has performed in Nigeria, DRC, Kenya, Germany and the UK. Rebecca’s staying power remains unrivalled, earning a devoted fanbase. She has recorded lyrics in Shangaan, Tswana, Zulu as well as English. She also hosts the popular TV show 'It's Gospel Time'.


Track artwork
Rebecca Malope - "Viva Madiba" (Xhosa)


ZAJohannesburg, South Africa


Noluthando Malope
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