Shekhinah (born Shekhinah Thandi Donnell on 2 October 1994) is a singer and songwriter from Durban, South Africa.

Shekhinah gained fame when she was listed on M-Net's Season 7 of SA Idols in 2011. In 2018 her 'Rose Gold' album was certified Gold by the Recording Industry of South Africa. The album earned her three awards at the South Africa Music Awards in 2018. She also won Best Pop & Alternative at the MTV Africa Music Awards in 2016.


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Shekhinah Donnell
Come over
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Shekhinah Donnell
weekend special accustic version


Shekhinah - Risk (Official Music Video) ft. Moliy
Shekhinah - Risk (Official Audio) ft. Moliy
Shekhinah - Questions (Official Music Video)
Shekhinah - Miserable (Official Audio)
Shekhinah - I Love It Here (Official Audio)
Shekhinah - Not Safe (intro) (Official Audio)
Shekhinah - Beautiful (Official Audio)
Shekhinah - Insecure (Official Audio)
Shekhinah - Diamonds Do (interlude) (Official Audio)
Shekhinah - Fall Apart (Official Audio) ft. Luke Goliath
Shekhinah - Wedding Song (Official Audio)
Shekhinah - Pick Up (Official Audio) ft. Una Rams
Shekhinah - Questions (Official Audio)
Shekhinah - Please Mr (Official Audio)
Shekhinah - Different  (Official Audio) ft. Mariechan
Shekhinah - Rose Gold (Official Audio)
Shekhinah - Suited (Official Audio)
Shekhinah - Any Way I Want (Official Audio)
Shekhinah - The Sound (Official Audio) ft. Asali
Shekhinah - Overdose (Official Audio)
Shekhinah - Just Fine (Official Audio)
Shekhinah - Power to She (Official Audio) ft. Rouge
Shekhinah - Into the Jungle (Official Audio)
Shekhinah - Thirsty (Official Audio)
Shekhinah - Tides (Official Music Video)
Shekhinah - Tides (Official Audio)
Shekhinah - Fixate (Official Lyric Video) ft. Bey T
Shekhinah - Fixate (Official Audio) ft. Bey T
Shekhinah - Suited Remix (SynX Remix)[ft. Mr. Eazi]
Shekhinah - Different ft. Mariechan
Shekhinah - Suited Remix (SynX Remix)[ft. Mr. Eazi]
Shekhinah - Please Mr
ShekhinahVEVO Live Stream
Shekhinah - Suited
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Shekinah Donnell
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