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I am Stéphane Akam, author, composer, performer and actor. I come from a country considered to be the cultural crossroads of Africa: Cameroon!! My music is the natural expression of my emotions in all their purity. A journey in which a mixture of sounds from here and elsewhere is perceptible. A universe in which I let my soul flourish freely to reach out to hearts available for listening. With shamelessness I let my fragility and my extreme sensitivity be expressed with an open heart. Of the dark state in which we live after the loss of a loved one, the hard blows of life in search of true love, I sing the hope of better tomorrows in rhythmic performances but also melancholy.

A lover of languages, I express my singing in Ghomala, Duala, Bulu, English or French. A musicality highlighted by rhythms such as afropop, rock, ekang, benskin during stage performances where my voice mixes with my guitar and the percussive sounds of a tom-tom. I adapt to all platforms, which is why alone, acoustically or accompanied by an orchestra, I am able to exchange my music with a large audience.

Born to a Bulu father and a Bamiléké mother, Stéphane Akam was born in Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon. Nothing predestined him to have a career in Bio the music. His love for singing was passed on to him by his father who, although not a musician, was a music lover with a collection of more than a thousand CDs. Despite his reserve, it was in high school that he sang to cheer up his group of friends who encouraged him to take the step microphone for the first time in front of an audience. He then made appearances on stage, from small musical competitions in the Bonaberi district to the university orchestra, followed by the phie scenes. biggest cabarets in Douala. Always carried away by the wind of music, in 2014 he began to producing on the stages of national festivals before deciding in 2015 to truly pursue a career in artistic field and produce his first album. Endowed with a suave voice, his wide range allows him to reach the highest notes while maintaining extreme sweetness. Overflowing energy and a depth that words cannot describe. He is also a fine interpreter of the greatest classics of world music. For the recording of his first album “Gae Yen”, he took into account the mobility difficulties of African artists and thus offers adaptable music both in acoustic format and in orchestral playing. A first attempt that transforms in a masterstroke, since “Che Woue”, the flagship track of the album, led him to be selected for the “AFRIMA (AIl Africa Music Awards)” in Ghana where he was nominated for “Best African song” and “Best male artist” as well as “Canal2’or.” This song is also requested by a luminary of Cameroonian music “Salatiel” to be covered as a duet. Stéphane Akam was recently a jury for the MutZigStar preselections and...


Stéphane Akam - Che Woue (Acoustic LIVE )
Stephane Akam - On veut voir (Lyrics)
STEPHANE AKAM Te li'i ma Live au Festival Afropolitain Nomade 2022
STEPHANE AKAM Yopchieu Live au Festival Afropolitain Nomade 2022


Track artwork
Stephane Akam
Track artwork
Stephane Akam
ye mamo
Track artwork
Stephane Akam
Track artwork
Stephane Akam


Stéphane Akam - Che Woue (Acoustic LIVE )
Stephane Akam - On veut voir (Lyrics)
STEPHANE AKAM Te li'i ma Live au Festival Afropolitain Nomade 2022
STEPHANE AKAM Yopchieu Live au Festival Afropolitain Nomade 2022
STEPHANE AKAM - Amour ou es tu ? ( Live au Festival Afropolitain Nomade 2022 )
Stéphane Akam - Le Petit SAM
Stephane Akam - Chanceline (Clip Officiel)
Moment of fun with my grandma ��
Stephane Akam - Chanceline
Stéphane Akam - Goun’a ( LIVE & INTERVIEW SUR ESCALE MUSIC )
Stephane Akam - Amour où es tu ?
Dj Anthem X Stephane Akam - WA (Official Audio)
Stephane Akam UNICEF CONCERT 29 AOUT 2020
Charlotte Dipanda feat Stéphane Akam - Quand tu n’es pas là (smule remix)
Stéphane Akam à Canal Olympia (Stanley vs Enow Tour)
Stéphane Akam - Plein d’amour (Live à l’institut français de Yaoundé 07 Février 2020)
Stephane Akam - Che woue (live à l’institut Français de Yaoundé 07 Février 2020)
Stéphane Akam ft Salatiel - Che Woue (remix)
Stéphane Akam - Muntula Moto (Cover Richard Bona) video by LandryToukamFilms
Stéphane Akam acoustic live performance
Stephane Akam - Ye Mammo (Prestation Live Ifc Douala)
Stéphane Akam - Plein d'amour (Video lyric)
Stéphane Akam - Che Woue ( sans toi ) version instrumentale
Stéphane Akam - Che Woue (sans toi)
Stephane Akam au FESTIROCK 2018 (Goun'a live)
Stéphane Akam - Te li'i ma @Live LE KOLATIER 2017
Stéphane Akam - Goun'a @live LE KOLATIER 2017
Stéphane Akam - Goun'a (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
Stéphane Akam - Goun'a (Clip lyric)



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