She Voice Africa

We bring together trailblazers, visionaries, and changemakers in the entertainment industry for transformative experiences.

Our event is more than just gathering; it’s a dynamic platforms designed to inspire, educate, and empower women across Africa's entertainment landscape.

Our commitment goes beyond mere knowledge sharing. We believe in the power of connections – of  fostering meaningful relationships that transcend boundaries and spark collaboration.

That's why this event is meticulously curated to facilitate networking and mentorship, providing attendees with invaluable opportunities to connect with peers, industry veterans, and mentors who can help propel their careers to new heights.

Conference highlights:

  • Digital Monetization Content monetization in the digital era
  • Music & Brand Partnerships Collaborations aimed at amplifying women
  • Artists, A&R, Managers Empowering women in the creative space
  • Film Industry Breaking barriers and stereotypes
  • Legal Aspects Protecting women's rights in the industry
  • Music Tech & NFTs Exploring new avenues for digital ownership

She Voice Africa Redefining Roles, Empowering Women

20 March 2024 

Location: The Mall, Westlands

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