RA Avenue Music

RA Avenue Music, also known as ‘‘Recording Artists Avenue Music’’ is a Ugandan Musical Group standing as a dynamic Ugandan Artists group that has been illuminating the music industry since its inception in 2020.

As a proud entity of MPM Music Group and RA Avenue Record Label, RA Music Group holds its roots in Music Recording, and the broader realm of Arts & Entertainment.

A Journey Through Time

With its beginnings traced back to 2020, RA Music’s headquarters find home in the vibrant city of Kampala, Uganda. The Music Group Label was conceived with a vision that encompassed not only Music but also the intricate orchestration of Entertainment and the execution of captivating live performances and events.

Initially established as a Music and Recording Artists venture, RA Music’s ambitions soon expanded to encompass the comprehensive nurturing of Artists’ talents and the seamless organization of riveting performances.

A Spectrum of Impact

RA Avenue Music operates as a registered and known group, with a vibrant canvas that encompasses the vast landscapes of Music, Arts & Entertainment and performances. From the moment of its inception, RA Music embarked on an impressive trajectory, garnering substantial attention and engagement. By 2022, it had etched its mark as a premier Entertainment, Performances and Music in the country.


Moa Keys

Mpiima Johnson

One Jotie Music


Big Deo

Philly K