Marimba Jam Festival 2023

Experience Sacred Music That Moves You At Marimba Jam Festival 2023!

Zulu folklore tells the magical tale of the ancient goddess Marimba, the ‘Mother of Music’ who according to legend, created the instrument with gourds. Known as the oldest instrument on earth, along with the hand drums, the marimba has always captured imaginations around the world with its ancient origins and globally diverse history. Synonymous with Africa, the birthplace of mankind, the spiritual and emotional connection marimba music has is unmatched, it truly has the ability to move people across the planet.

The brainchild of Kiara Ramklass, Marimba Jam is a passion project turned movement birthed out of the desire to see equality and empowerment amongst the youth of South Africa, regardless of colour, creed or socio-economic background. With over 500 students from schools across the country under their musical wing, this powerhouse organization is changing the lives of children from Claremont to Khayelitsha, and soon, Johannesburg will be moving along to the marimba beat with a branch opening in the City Of Gold in the works.

“Marimba Jam focuses on access to musical education, and understanding the enormous psychological and social benefits that go hand-in-hand with the joy of playing in a marimba band,” said Ramklass, who was recently named one of Mail and Guardian’s 200 Young South Africans for her contribution to youth development through musical educational.

Now in its 7th year, the Marimba Jam Festival, a finalist in the Billion Acts Of Peace Awards in 2021, gives learners the opportunity to attend music workshops, meet fellow marimba aficionados and network with their peers. The highlight of the festival, of course, is experiencing hundreds of learners making beautiful music in perfect synergy for the entertainment of an adoring public, including parents, educators and dignitaries. Driven by a deep sense of responsibility towards South African youth, the festival’s objective is to promote “social cohesion and nation building” among young people while raising funds for its Rising Stars outreach program – Marimba Jam Cares – which provides free music education to schools from historically disadvantaged communities. 

This year’s event aptly takes place during heritage month in South Africa with Marimba Jam Festival 2023’s theme ‘The Music That Moves Us’ taking attendees on a journey through the ages and promises to move you with the sounds of the ancients, beautifully woven into the modern day musical landscape!

The collective will also amplify their mission to break the Guinness World Record in 2024 for the largest marimba ensemble, currently held by Guatemala.

Don’t miss the Marimba Jam Festival happening at the world renowned Cape Town International Convention Center on September 16th 2023.

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