Full Circle - The EP - Live Listening Session

'Full Circle' - The EP - is the long anticipated body of work from Kenton Lee. It's a story that began in Durban, South Africa more than 20 years ago. Kenton was enrolled for light music at Natal Tech  music institute where jamming and rehearsing at the Bat Centre was more than just the after school norm. It was the culture that ultimately groomed Kenton to then travel to Johannesburg where he released albums with groups and worked with multi-platinum selling artists such as Lira. After traveling the globe playing on live stages,  having music rise on popular South African charts with music videos on popular TV channels, Kenton decided to return to SA to complete the body of work. At the begining of the 'lift off' is when the pandemic kicked in and forced him to relocate to Durban. Two years later, Kent set up his studio, got married, had a baby girl all whilst working on the EP.


The sound is somewhat eclectic with influences from Jazz to Dance and RnB. It's an Urban four to the floor sound that's quite artsy, however, please bring your dancing shoes.


'I chose the Batcentre to launch this live listening session because this is where it all began. I'm excited to tell my story. I'm excited to be on the stages my hero's once played.'