CDC Festival 2020

Germanys biggest afrodiasporic dance festival will take place again in Berlin from August 27th until August 31st 2020.

#CultureDanceCamp focuses on dance workshops, while #CultureDanceClash offers a platform for dancers from different urban dance styles to showcase and also compete in a positive environment with their art. The festival includes also a welcome Jam Session, a Conference , Vernissage, Aftershow Parties and more exciting surprises!

#CultureDanceCamp  - LINE UP

Shanice Xpressionz, Jamaica (Dancehall)
Joker, France (Hip Hop)
Dansa Bling, Jamaica (Dancehall)
E Flex, Ghana (Afro Dance)
Sashi Xpressionz, Jamaica (Dancehall)
Jasmin Halper, Austria (Dancehall)
Afrobeast, Ghana (Afrobeats)
Alevanille, Italy (Dancehall)
Leo Saint Laurent, Germany (Voguing)
Craig Black Eagle, Jamaica (Dancehall)
King K X Big Den, United Kingdom X Germany (Litefeet)
Kool Ravers, Jamaica (Dancehall)
Kxnsept, Portugal (Afrohouse)
Shelly Xpressionz, Jamaica (Dancehall)
Homebros, United Kingdom (Afrobeats)
Orville Xpressionz, Jamaica (Dancehall)

#CultureDanceClash - LINE UP

Kxnsept (PRT) – Afro House
Yanou Ninja (FRA) – Voguing
Nellzus M.I.K. (GER) – Hip Hop/Litefeet
Katrin Wow (UKR) – Dancehall
Joker (FRA) – Hip Hop
Willis (FRA) – Hip Hop/Afro