CDC Festival 2020

Germanys biggest afrodiasporic dance festival will take place again in Berlin from April 29th until May 3rd 2020.Culture Dance Camp focuses on dance workshops, while Culture Dance Clash offers a platform for dancers from different urban dance styles to showcase and also compete in a positive environment with their art. The festival includes also a welcome jam session, a conference, vernissage, aftershow parties and more exciting surprises!

CDC Festival is supported by the Capital Cultural Fund.


Shanice Xpressionz, Jamaica (Dancehall)
Joker, France (Hip Hop)
Dansa Bling, Jamaica (Dancehall)
E Flex, Ghana (Afro Dance)
Sashi Xpressionz, Jamaica (Dancehall)
Jasmin Halper, Austria (Dancehall)
Afrobeast, Ghana (Afrobeats)
Alevanille, Italy (Dancehall)
Leo Saint Laurent, Germany (Voguing)
Craig Black Eagle, Jamaica (Dancehall)
King K X Big Den, United Kingdom X Germany (Litefeet)
Kool Ravers, Jamaica (Dancehall)
Kxnsept, Portugal (Afrohouse)
Shelly Xpressionz, Jamaica (Dancehall)
Homebros, United Kingdom (Afrobeats)
Orville Xpressionz, Jamaica (Dancehall)