Zimbabwe Musicians Union (ZIMU)


Established on 11 November 2014 at the Book Cafe in Harare, the Zimbabwe Musicians Union (ZIMU) was launched following the retreat of the Zimbabwe Union of Musicians (ZUM) into inactivity in recent years. The organization was designed to address a number of music industry professionals including vocalists, instrumentalists, and promoters.

The new union invites musicians and music industry professionals to be part of it with the thrust of increasing numbers and thus leverage to meet the needs of artists in the community. The union consists of the following committee members Edith Katiji (chairperson), Lloyd Chidikano (vice chair), Rute Mbangwa (secretary), Pablo Master Nakapa (coordinator), Thomas Brickhill (treasurer), Dzikamayi Machingura (legal advisor), Brian Nhanhanga (committee member), Terence Mapurisana (advisor), Hector Mugani (committee member) and Daniel Ngwira (spokesperson).

ZWHarare, Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe Musicians Union (ZIMU)
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