Yegna is a band in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia made up of Teref Kassahun (Melat), Lemlem Haile Michael (Mimi), Zebiba Girma (Emuye), Eyerusalem Kelemework (Sara) and Rahel Getu (Lemlem). It is a multi-platform brand that is designed to entirely inspire positive change for girls in Ethiopia. Through storylines that confront real-life issues and challenges that girls face every day, the drama, music, and talk show are challenging the way people think about girls and the way girls think of themselves. These five young women have set out to change many of the issues Ethiopian women face through their music. Yegna, which means “ours” in Amharic, understands that in order to better their country they must empower girls.

The members have put together a girl band, radio drama, and talk show to provide encouragement and education on self-care by using real-life scenarios. Yegna understands that girls are one of Ethiopia’s greatest untapped resources. By empowering as many girls as they can through their words and music, they want to improve their audience’s economic and social outlook.

ETAddis Ababa, Ethiopia


Teref Kassahun
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