Yalla! Khartoum


Yalla! Khartoum is an intercultural project working in the fields of youth cultures and urban arts. It started in 2013 under the umbrella of the Goethe-Institut Sudan and is independent since 2016.

The project aims to support the local art scene and youths through establishing a forum where ideas can be exchanged and brought into action. They are realised by 3 different kinds of activities: skateboarding (sandboarding), urban arts/street art (murals) and music. To realise this, artists from other countries are invited as trainers and guest artists for workshops, where local arts are fused with foreign elements and presented during public events.

In the past 3 years, Yalla! Khartoum has fostered cultural exchange between these foreign artists and Sudanese youths. The project created a space where they had the chance to express themselves through art as well as creative activities. This gave them the chance to not only gain an insight into foreign cultural scenes and various contemporary youth cultures but also to establish networks with artists outside their national borders.

The exhibitions and concerts support local artists and give young people the opportunity to show their talents to their families, friends and the border public.

The most visible achievements of Yalla! Khartoum is the murals which are spread across different cities in Sudan. They represent the effort and direct outcome of the “Yalla! Go paint Khartoum” workshops.

SDKhartoum, Sudan
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