Wizboy started his career as an Instrumentalist with a strong background in Highlife and Gospel Music in 2004, after graduating with a Degree in Statistics from the University of Nigeria.

He later veered into R+B but reverted to his Highlife roots, carving out a career as a Producer and Studio Engineer. He was part of the Enugu Revolution, in which a generation of young artistes emerged from the Coal City, with three distinct characteristics a strong Highlife feel, Igbo language and Production and Engineering by the inimitable Wizboy.

His credits include acts like Flavour, the late MC Loph etc as well mainstrem Hip-hop acts like DJ Ree. His album "Infinity" released in 2011 was a phenomenal success and he remains one of the most prominent Engineers and producers in the East of Nigeria and the country as a whole.

NGLagos, Nigeria
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