Waungwana Band


Waungwana Band is fusion band from Tanzania.

The most unique, well organized, dynamic and creative Band. The Band was established in 2019, with a major aim of creating, developing, promoting and cherishing the unique music ideas of the Band members.

Waungwana Band consist of five talented musicians, which both are fruits from the beautifully Tree of the ‘’Dhow Countries Music Academy’’ the place where all Band members met and came up with this idea. And those Members are listed as the following:-
Tryphon Evarist: Accordion, Music theory, traditional drumming and dancing and Vocational training authority Teacher at the ’’Dhow Countries Music Academy’’. Played various styles of music such as Traditional Taarab, Jazz and Kidumbaki. However on Waungwana Band stands as a Group leader, Lead Singer, Accordion player and main Composer and Arranger.


the band still is very willing to share its fantastic type of music with others musicians and all music lovers. apparently we are so proud of our music, especially when we the audience enjoying our during our music performance.

TZZanzibar, Tanzania
In operation since: 


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Tryphon Evarist

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