Wale Wale Kenya


Wale Wale Kenya aims to emancipate youths and provide opportunities and tools with which they can build the life and future they desire.

We offer a space for youth to hang out with friends and get a break from the challenges that young people in Kibera face every day. The space is also intended to function as a place where youth can come to dance, produce film, music and other forms of creative activities. To be able to become an active part of society we believe it is important to meet with others and share ideas and experiences. Wale Wale Kenya wants to enable these opportunities.

We offer youth access to educational support. In Wale Wale Kenya the youths have access to study facilities and guidance. The organisation also supports high school fees.

Wale Wale Kenya aims to provide educational activities based on ideas about Human Rights.

We offer microloans for our members who have the intention to start and run a business. Through this Wale Wale Kenya aims to enable entrepreneurship among the youths and support them in the process of becoming self-sufficient.

In co-operation with schools in the community, we offer computer classes for students in Kibera. By letting youths from the organisation arrange and lead the classes, it will create job opportunities and develop leader skills within Wale Wale Kenya.

We wish to build the work of the organisation upon the involvement of the youths and enable them to play important roles both in the everyday work as well as in managing the organisation.

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