Traditional Musical Instruments of Burkina Faso


The Traditional Musical Instruments of Burkina represent some of the traditional musical instruments that have been listed and placed in museums. It is believed that a significant number have not yet been used by the postmodern artists and moreover submitted a real work of sound research. Rare sounds produced by these instruments are yet to be discovered. Indeed, some traditional musical instruments at the current time, been the subject of myth.

Such traditional instruments include the Ruudga, the traditional musical instrument speaker and the water drum musical instrument which is normally played at night at funerals. The water drum is a musical instrument consisting of a set of element gourd including a large gourd filled with water and the other covering the water inside the first. Chopsticks (ladles Calabash) are used to produce a rare and unique sound. According to belief, these sounds invoke the soul’s rests and are only played at special occasions.

BFBanjul, Burkina Faso


Traditional Musical Instruments of Burkina Faso
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