Thomas 'Big Ted' Kwaka (The Main Event Co.)


The Main Event Company's primary focus is in marketing, communications and hospitality. They realized there was a gap in the provision of Public Relations (PR) services, which is, integrating PR activities with a client's marketing efforts.

The Main Event Company therefore offers not just marketing but Marketing PR to its clients. They also realized the inseparability of marketing efforts from other corporate efforts and therefore The Main Event Company has the capability to offer additional services to their clients that compliment Marketing PR efforts.

These services include consultancy services in Marketing, Communication, Event Management, Merchandising, Media Management and liaison, Artist management and production.

The Main Event Company seeks to stand out from the crowd by providing communication, PR and effective marketing solutions that are both creative and meaningful thereby complementing their client's efforts.


KENairobi, Kenya


Big Ted
Profile added by Stanley Gazemba on 18 Jun 2014