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Taurus Boom is a South African a multi talented Afro-Rn’B crooner, Rapper, Songwriter and producer. With heart felt lyrics, passionate vocals and honest emotive delivery often compared to Usher, Ne-yo, even Chris brown. He creates music from a very honest perspective, crafting engaging stories and developed melodies while bringing the excitement of his music to life.

He had shared stage with Vicky Sampson(African Dream) Jeremy Olivier from the Voice and Frank Paco a World Class Drum Master . Taurus has spent more time on his music career being underground manifesting his true form in order to serve the world his truth. His latest single And’dlali (not playing) from the upcoming album “I AM” conveys so much of what kind of person he is, describing his desired woman.

Born in Port Elizabeth raised by a single parent , The crooner started off as a dancer, learning from his uncle how to do pantsula was just not enough. From the streets of kwazakhele making his name as one of the best dancers around . He adopted music making and ever since then he never stopped.

He dreams of becoming a successful musician and a business man,

in return to help change lives, giving back to those in need of opportunities and teach the process to ensure that we all make it in life.


ZACape Town, South Africa
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