A fusion of unrelenting creativity and style, T E M P O (born Horace Wangnin) is an industrious executive music producer from Benin with an equally skilled computer engineer with over 15 years of experience under his belt.

In time, T E M P O’s love for the two: music and information technology, lead to his establishment of Grup Tempo; a subscription-based service that incorporates the best of both worlds to provide class-leading mentor-ship programs for young aspiring artists worldwide.

His production tastes cover the expanse of EDM and house music, delivering a signature sound enjoyed by both listeners and industry tastemakers alike. T E M P O was born into a family of seven and raised in a home where the love of God, discipline, hard work, and respect were the yardstick.

With music as a critical component of his early development, T E M P O fully entered the domain of its production in 2019, adopting the alias he is now famed for. His imminent breakthrough sprung in 2020 following the release of his biggest release to date ‘Self’, a song that amassed over 500 000 streams on Spotify alone in little than a year. Its resulting spark would drive the now-established music producer to work on boosting his brand on the international front, consequently earning him exposure with a fleet of diverse top-ranking artists in the US, Benin, Australia, Benin and Benin.

BJCotonou, Benin
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